Presidential delegate confirmed criminal complaint against police aggressors in Iquique

This Tuesday images went viral on social networks in which it was possible to see two carabineros being attacked by a group of migrants who were being controlled and detained in the Cavancha sector from the city of Iquique.

While one of those involved hit one of the officers in the face, the other official was attacked with fists by others. Until hours of this afternoon Carabineros indicated that the procedure continued in development and that there are already four arrested for the act.

What happened took place within the framework of a string of inspections in what Carabineros of the Tarapacá Region has determined ascritical sectors for the sale of drugs on public roads“.

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From Carabineros they confirmed that the detainees will be formalized this Wednesday. Meanwhile, one of the police officers suffered a blow to one of his cheekbones, while the one who received the direct attack suffered a fracture in your nasal septum.

For his part, the mayor of Iquique, Mauricio Soria, stated that “we repudiate the actions of these people against the police,” noting that “these are images that once again remind us of what is happening in this city, one of the most touristic cities in Chile, in its resort, this brutal aggression occurred to carabinieri”. He also indicated that “we are experiencing a health crisis, a security crisis and a migration crisis, and the government has not been able to deal with the issue in a good way“, maintaining that his intention is to visit La Moneda to address the migratory problem that affects his city and in general the great north of the country.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the government, the presidential delegate of the province of Tamarugal Nathan Olivos, maintained through Twitter that this Wednesday “as a regional presidential delegation we are going to present a criminal complaint against the aggressors of our carabineros“.

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