Presidential election of 2022: in Béziers, Ménard calls on Zemmour and Le Pen to meet again

Robert Ménard has always dreamed of “the union of the rights”. This Saturday, in Béziers, the mayor tried to unite Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour, who was passing through his city. While France is “at a crucial point”, he asked his friend “to meet” with Marine Le Pen “next February when things crystallize”. Clearly, that whoever is behind in the polls abandon the Elyos race in favor of the other. “Bayrou went to the aid of Macron and made him win,” recalled the city councilor who also called for a halt to the fire between the two suitors. “Watch out for our behavior, that’s what I said last week to Marine Le Pen,” he said in front of Eric Zemmour, on the Zinga-Zanga stage and in front of more than 1,000 fans.

“Thank you for your wise advice, I won’t forget it. But we are not yet in February. I have trouble withdrawing when I haven’t introduced myself yet! Éric Zemmour immediately cut short, as an introduction to his speech focused on the “battle of ideas”. An obvious response to Marine Le Pen who, the day before in Vaucluse, assured that “ideas do not put delinquents in prison and it does not fill the plates”.

“It’s good to imagine emergency measures but the presidential election is not for the emergency”

Éric Zemmour, more an intellectual than a politician capable of providing concrete answers to the French? Asked after the public meeting about this angle of attack of Marine Le Pen, the almost candidate replied: “The entire political class despises the French. She thinks the French are incapable of having a vision. I’m not saying that the end of the month is to be despised. But to say that there is only that, and that the French are incapable of evaluating, of judging the fate of France, is to despise them. “

The reduction in VAT on fuel advocated by Marine Le Pen? “It’s good to imagine emergency measures but the presidential election is not for the emergency, it is to see things globally. (…) The advantage of the Presidency of the Republic is to be able to see things from above, unless we obviously forbid ourselves, ”he tackles again. To calm things down, could Eric Zemmour stop repeating that Marine Le Pen will lose? “It’s the truth, it’s saying what everyone thinks”, assumes the one who refuses to be the Prime Minister of the candidate RN, as she proposed two days before. “The presidential election is not about being Prime Minister. (…) I refuse to go down to that level, ”he concludes. This Saturday, in Béziers Eric Zemmour favored the exchange of rights to the union of rights.

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