Presidential election of 2022: the PS is scaring the idea of ​​a primary

Nothing goes to the Socialist Party anymore! Olivier Faure’s stated desire to dispense with the primary to nominate the 2022 presidential candidate provokes the incomprehension or even the anger of some executives. “I’m fed up with everything to the ego,” said in Le Parisien, the first secretary of the PS. And to explain that for him, this method was not the “most effective”, because “the simultaneous selection of the candidate and the project does not favor the emergence of a common project, condition of a victorious dynamic”. A pavement in the pond for a formation which, since 2007, certainly with very diverse fortunes, has not stopped proceeding to primaries to start its march towards the Elysee.

According to our information, the position of the socialist leader provokes a counter-offensive by part of the PS. “Many of us do not understand why he takes such a position almost unilaterally,” confides an elected official. We cannot rule out primaries a priori. We must discuss it first! Otherwise it would be an unacceptable forced passage! “

About fifty members of the National Council, a kind of party parliament, decided to meet on January 22 to work, with the help of researchers from the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, on the subject. No way for them to be robbed of this key decision.

For the moment, the party leadership does not plan any meeting intended to submit to the vote of the militants a renunciation of the primaries while the statutes expressly provide for it. “If Olivier Faure wants to abandon the primary system, he will have to reform the statutes and for that to go through a Congress. However, when this congress will take place, we still do not know! »Exclaims Philippe Doucet, former deputy. The former mayor of Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) who had nevertheless supported Olivier Faure during his election at the head of the PS in 2018, has since sided with Hélène Geoffroy, the mayor of Vaulx -en-Velin (Rhône), depositary of a motion concurrent with that of the first secretary… for the next Congress.

“This will push some of us to file a lawsuit”

“It is true that the 2017 primaries tore us more than brought us together,” Doucet admits. Benoît Hamon, the candidate “out of the ballot box” socialist, had collected only 6% of the votes in the presidential election… But, continues Doucet, “this was not the case in 2007 and 2011. We must analyze these past experiences . The 2017 primaries were certainly too open. We must probably go back to a designation process reserved for activists, former members and sympathizers. This must be discussed and determined by a vote. “

Some executives are even more upbeat. “To do without a primary clearly shows Olivier Faure’s desire to lock everything up. For what reason if not to impose his own candidate without soliciting the vote of the Socialists, that is to say Anne Hidalgo today, and tomorrow, maybe someone else? », Breaths a member of the National Council. “Unlike him,” he continues, “we believe that a party plays an important role within our institutions and that it is therefore necessary that its functioning be as democratic as possible. “And this former elected to warn:” Going over the primaries without a vote in Congress will push some of us to file a lawsuit. And, given the poor state of the party, it will be the death of the PS. “

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