Presidential: Eric Zemmour wants to remove the points license and restore the limit to 90 km / h on the roads

It is “a racketeering organized by the State”. Eric Zemmour announced his intention to abolish the points driving license this Sunday during the “Great debate” organized by LCI, RTL and Le Figaro. Refusing to see it as a “demago” measure, the still undeclared presidential candidate cited as an example “countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Finland which do not have a point-based license, but fewer accidents than us and dead on the roads ”.

The points recovery course, which costs on average 300 euros, “is not only infantilizing but it is also a racketeering organized by the State”, according to Eric Zemmour.

In addition, another measure which concerns motorists, the polemicist “would put (the limitation at) 90 km / h on (all) national roads”, against 80 km / h currently. What about the highways? “I have always found that speed limits on the highways were unnecessary,” he said, without deciding.

His “decision is made”

And to add: “For 10 years, we have not stopped pissing off the French with taxes, cars that no longer enter big cities. (…) The weaker the State is with real delinquents, the traffickers, the guys who do motorized rodeos in the suburbs, the harsher it is with motorists, real cash cows. “

The polemicist also ensures that he would like to remove the right of mayors to impose 30km / h in cities, “like Anne Hidalgo”, which “makes life impossible for the French”.

On his presidential candidacy, his “decision is made”, but in his head. Eric Zemmour once again refused to declare himself this Sunday. But if he goes, “it’s to win”.

“The decision is maturing in my head,” explains Eric Zemmour when asked about a potential candidacy for the next presidential election. The polemicist however recalls that if he goes, “it is to win”. As for Marine Le Pen, who collects like him around 16% of voting intentions according to the latest Ipsos poll, she “cannot win”, “voting for her is useless”.

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