Press comments: “Löw’s team was not defeated, it was destroyed”

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“Löw’s team was not defeated, it was destroyed”

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That’s what Joachim Löw says after the historical gossip

After the 6-0 debacle against Spain, Joachim Löw tried to draw a conclusion. The national coach admits that one would have thought to be one step further.

The German national team suffers a historic debacle against Spain. The international press rubs its eyes in amazement and chooses superlatives. Löw’s team has continuously deteriorated since 2014.

Dhe German national soccer team has suffered the highest defeat in over 89 years and thus clearly missed the final tournament of the Nations League. The team of national coach Joachim Löw lost on Tuesday against Spain in Seville 0: 6 (0: 3). International media write about the game:


“The vanguard”: “Spain gave itself a tribute and a bath of self-confidence in the crowded Olympic Stadium in Seville. Spain overran Joachim Löw’s team, it was a downright race from the first minute to which Germany couldn’t find an answer. “

“The world”: “Spain humiliates Germany on a night steeped in history.”

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“The country”: “Spain embarrasses the Germans. The new generation of the “Reds” has shown it with an epoch-making series of goals from Löw’s team and will play in the final phase of the Nations League. “

Great Britain

„The Guardian“: “Yes, six. Against Germany. That was historic, the kind of event that 65,000 people would spend the rest of their lives bragging about that they were there. Instead, only 300 can do it, but they will. Joachim Löw’s team was not just defeated for the first time in 13 games, it was destroyed. “


“Republic”: “In Seville, the“ red furies ”humiliate Joachim Löw’s men and grab the ticket for the semifinals. The (German) team had not lost 6-0 since 1931. A historic defeat for Germany takes place in Seville.

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“Courier”: “Furious Spaniards roll over helpless Germans – 6-0. Joachim Löw’s team in Seville had no chance in the Football Nations League and slipped into a historic debacle. “


“Day indicator”:Germany received a historic setback against Spain. On the last day of the match the Germans lost 6-0 and missed the entry into the final tournament. A defeat with a six-goal difference last came with a 6-0 defeat against Austria on May 24, 1931. For Captain Manuel Neuer, his 96th international match, with which he became the sole German record goalkeeper, was a very bitter evening. “

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Flash: “FOOTBALL WORLD IN TOTAL SHOCK! Germany‘s worst game in history: Spain gave them six. “


Jutarnji List: “Catastrophe for Germany, the team has not experienced such a debacle in 111 years! Back then, in the distant year 1909, the English gave them nine of them. This is now the second biggest defeat in history. “


ESPN: “Since winning the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, when they inflicted a historic defeat on the hosts in the semi-finals, Germany has steadily deteriorated. The three goals conceded in each half masked the fact that they could have lost even more if Spain hadn’t been so wasteful in front of goal with clear chances. “

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Spanish jubilation, German dejection – a historic evening in Seville



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