Press: You and Your Mac goes weekly and in PDF

Monthly You and Your Mac becomes weekly and abandons paper support. A change decided after a catastrophic first semester, consecutive to the health crisis and the delivery difficulties encountered by many titles with one of the newsstand distribution networks.

Bernard Le Du and Alain Lalisse considered hanging up the gloves, they explain before finally opting for this new formula which touches on the very nature of this magazine.

It changes its name to become ” The VVMac Letter »And runs on a weekly basis which will see an issue available every weekend. The pagination will include between 10 and 16 pages and the editorial line will continue to favor practical and educational subjects.

Of them subscription formulas are available for 20 issues (6 months) or 40 issues (1 year) at € 16 and € 32 respectively. Subscribers to the paper plan automatically benefit from these new editions until the end of their current subscription.


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