Pressure from Montreal, really?

The announcement of Carey Price asking for help from the National League for mental problems surprised me and no one saw it coming, but from there to deduce that it is the pressure to play in Montreal that affected him, I don’t think so for a second.

Between players, you sometimes hear stories about some having problems, but in Price’s case, it came out of nowhere. There was no red flag. When Stéphane Richer said, for example, “that life is not just hockey”, it was a red flag. In mental health, this is almost always the case.

If Marc Bergevin had tears in his eye in his press briefing, that tells me that the problem is serious. We can imagine different scenarios, but Price’s friend and former specialist trainer, Stéphane Waite, had the merit of clearly ruling out the hypotheses of addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

A big impact

It is still unclear what the nature of Price’s problems are, but Waite said he is hopeful that his former student will recover and it is reassuring. The other good news is that, like Jonathan Drouin, Price sent a strong message about the importance of asking for help when you have mental problems.

If Drouin’s gesture had a big impact in Quebec, that of Price carries more, because he is a big star in Canada and even in the United States. But both deserve our kudos, as did tennis player Naomi Osaka and gymnast Simone Biles, who brought up the subject. The more public figures talk about mental health, the more they will inspire affected people to seek help.

Besides, I have the impression that Price tried to get by on his own, during the short summer season, and that he realized, quite recently, that he needed help.

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Price’s problems, in my opinion, are not related to the pressure of playing for the Canadiens. I am sure. Perhaps this was the case for Drouin, who is younger, but certainly not Price at 34, as he has overcome everything since his debut with the Canadiens in 2007.

Being a CH goalkeeper comes with its share of pressure. We go through difficult situations and in the long run, there is one that takes us out of Montreal.

If you compared this dynamic to a Nintendo 30 level game, I would say I made it to level 20, Patrick Roy to level 24 and Carey Price to level 30. No one lasted longer than him in front of the Canadian net.


If Price had cracked in the playoffs, he would have been more mentally vulnerable, but, on the contrary, he delivered sparkling performances. The loss in the final to the Lightning hurt, but he achieved something exceptional.

Don’t tell me that loss to Tampa Bay is the cause of the guy’s problems. chill-out ! From the one who was said not to work hard enough, the one who shone for 72 games in 2010-2011 after Spring Halak, the one who missed practically a full season after winning the Hart and Vézina trophies and before. to come back in force.

Price is also the one who allowed his team to come back 3-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the playoffs.

Price is human, but he copes very well with the pressure of playing for CH. The cause of his problems, in my opinion, is different and he took the right steps to get out of it. It will take as long as it takes, but it will bounce back. He has my full support.

– Interview by Gilles Moffet

Between threads

The acquisition of Montembeault

The Carey Price file leads us to wonder about the acquisition of the guardian Samuel Montembeault last week. In my opinion, Marc Bergevin suspected that Price’s knee would heal a little longer than expected, but he did not expect a bigger problem to be revealed. One thing is certain, this is a great opportunity for Montembeault, who will assist Jake Allen.

Double pressure on Allen

For now, we must consider Jake Allen as the number one goalie for the Canadiens; it is a golden chance for him. He’s had mixed success in this role with the St. Louis Blues and I believe he’s up for a second chance. He could assert himself as number one and he wouldn’t be the first goalie to have his best seasons in his 30s, much like Tim Thomas, Dwayne Roloson or even Craig Anderson.

The CH, the disappointment?

Coyotes c. Canadiens

File photo, Martin Chevalier

I predicted the Habs would be the disappointment of the year before the announcement regarding Carey Price and it was in the perspective that a finalist team would miss the playoffs. It’s still very likely after the loss of leaders like Price, Shea Weber and Corey Perry. On the other hand, the shock of the news about Price can have a unifying effect and that is what happened in 2001-02, when I had my big season. The loss of our captain, Saku Koivu, for the season brought us together and we managed to qualify and beat the Boston Bruins in the first round.

Florida News

It’s quite a contract the Panthers gave their captain, Aleksander Barkov, eight years for $ 80 million. It’s pretty obvious that he’s the leader of this team along with Jonathan Huberdeau, and I think it’s a good investment. The Panthers want to beat the Lightning, who have given their coach Jon Cooper a well-deserved contract extension. I believe he represents the ideal model of the modern coach.

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