Pressure on authorities – activist website to show mutation hotspots in Swiss schools

A mother wants to raise public awareness of the problem of infections in schools. To this end, she launched an online platform together with activists.

By Tuesday, the website registered more than 100 clusters, spread across over half of the cantons.

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The card is speckled with yellow biohazard signs. They warn of outbreaks of the British and South African corona mutation in schools. Until Tuesday the site registered more than 100 clusters spread across over half of the cantons. Individual reports are anonymous and not confirmed.

Behind the website are internet activists called Cyberstammtisch. AD *, mother of a primary school child from the canton of Bern, launched the website last Saturday with the activists. However, she wants to remain anonymous – for fear of attacks and because it is about the cause, not the person.

«Smoldering fire is blazing»

With the card, the mother and the cyber regulars table want to raise public awareness of the problem of infections in schools: “The card shows that a smoldering fire is blazing”, says AD, who teaches her child in homeschooling at About 30 reports from teachers, doctors, parents and school principals about new outbreaks at all school levels were received daily. “Many teachers are afraid to go to school,” says D.

For the mother, the number of outbreaks and the increasing number of school closings are proof that the protection concepts in the schools are not working. “The cases show that it doesn’t matter whether 20 adults or 20 primary school students meet in one room – there are always infections.” Therefore, a school without outbreaks is currently a matter of luck, depending on the canton of residence and the school management.

Criticism of a lack of monitoring by authorities

No individual infections are shown on the website, only clusters. The condition for recording as a cluster is that at least one class must be quarantined at an outbreak location. It is incomprehensible that the authorities do not monitor the outbreaks in schools, criticizes the citizen.

In order to avoid further outbreaks, AD advocates an immediate school closure for four weeks. “For example, the sports vacation could be extended.” If school closings or homeschooling are not possible, better protection concepts are urgently needed, says the mother.

She suggests reducing lessons to smaller classes, avoiding mixed-ups, singing and gymnastics lessons, and equipping the classrooms with an air filter. “For students with parents who can teach them in homeschooling, the compulsory attendance should be lifted.” In addition, an efficient test concept must be implemented in schools.


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