Preventing and Treating Hepatitis in Dogs: Tips from Dong-ri Kim, Chief of Radiology at Bundang Leaders Animal Medical Center

2023-12-06 00:55:33

Dong-ri Kim, Chief of Radiology, 24-hour Bundang Leaders Animal Medical Center (animal hospital)

Hepatitis refers to skin inflammation of the foot area. It can occur on the soles of your dog’s paws, around the toenails, between the toes, or around the ankles. Symptoms mainly include redness, swelling, itchiness, and pain, and sometimes severe pain and even claudication can occur.

Hepatitis can be caused by several causes. Allergic hepatitis caused by certain foods or environmental factors is a typical example, but there are many cases where infectious hepatitis occurs secondary to bacterial or fungal infection. In addition, there is hepatitis caused by an autoimmune disease that occurs when the immune system attacks its own cells. Dogs who frequently engage in outdoor activities such as walks may develop hepatitis when external irritants such as grass seeds, grass, trees, or stones enter the soles of their feet while walking or running.

I would like to introduce the case of a dog who visited the animal hospital where I work with hepatitis.

A 5-year-old terrier puppy visited us because the skin on his right hind toe had been slightly swollen for 2-3 weeks. After licking the area, it ruptured and started bleeding. She had previously been treated at a local hospital with anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics, but there was no improvement. She conducted an ultrasound examination, considering the possibility of hepatitis caused by a foreign body.

On ultrasound (left photo), about 8 mm of hyperechoic material was confirmed under the skin of the red and swollen affected area. The area was incised, and grass seeds (right photo) were discovered and removed. Because the grass seeds were stuck in the skin, the hepatitis was not cured even after treatment. Afterwards, the affected area was cleaned, antibiotic ointment was applied, antibiotics were prescribed, and the dog was sent home.

Hepatitis caused by foreign bodies greatly reduces the quality of life of pets. Therefore, I will introduce some tips that guardians should know for prevention. 1. Use groomed trails rather than rough trails. Also, when taking a walk, you should look carefully at the surface of the road to see if there are sharp stones or pieces of glass. 2. It is recommended to wear shoes when walking on unavoidable slopes, wooded terrain, or sharp road surfaces. 3. If the hair on the soles of your feet is long, foreign substances can enter more easily, so it is a good idea to trim the hair on the soles of your feet with clippers. 4. Always wash your feet thoroughly after a walk and check periodically for any abnormalities.

As we learned today, hepatitis can be caused by foreign substances other than allergies or infections. Therefore, if a dog that enjoys outdoor activities develops hepatitis and does not get better even with appropriate treatment, it is recommended to visit a veterinary hospital to check for a foreign body.

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