Preventing Myopia in Children with Red Light Therapy: Promising Clinical Study Results

2023-06-08 17:00:00

A new clinical study randomized study conducted in China found that repeated exposure to low-intensity red light can prevent myopia in children with premyopia.

A promising clinical study to prevent myopia in children

To reach this conclusion, the researchers conducted a 12-month randomized clinical trial in 10 elementary schools in Shanghai, China. The children were randomly divided into two groups, with one receiving therapy based on exposure to red light while the other continued with their usual activities without intervention.

The results showed that the intervention group had a lower incidence of myopia compared to the control group. Indeed, the incidence of myopia over 12 months was 40.8% (49 out of 120) in the intervention group and 61.3% (68 out of 111) in the control group, which corresponds to a 33.4% relative reduction in incidence.

Good acceptability of treatment

“In this randomized clinical trial, RLRL therapy was found to be an effective new intervention for the prevention of myopia, with good user acceptability”, conclude the researchers.

Red light works by stimulating the retina and promoting eye development. This approach seems very promising and could pave the way for new approaches to prevention or treatment of myopia in children, and why not, in adults as well. However, a larger study over a longer period is needed to fully assess the efficacy and safety of this approach.

Myopia in children: a growing concern

Myopia is a refractive disorder of the eye that is characterized by clear vision of near objects, but blurred vision of distant objects. Myopia is steadily increasing among children worldwide and has become a major public health concern. Indeed, myopia is a condition that can increase the risk of developing other eye problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

In addition to red light therapy, scientists are developing other new treatments, such as eye drops or the wearing of corrective lenses.

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