prevention for breast cancer screening is also done in prison

An awareness campaign for breast cancer screening was organized this Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at the Limoges remand center. Several workshops were offered to inmates.

Deprivation of liberty is not deprivation of care

Safia, nurse at Limoges remand center

This is, in essence, the slogan of this awareness day organized at the Limoges remand center.

On the program, a football match between male and female prisoners, to emphasize that sporting activity contributes to the well-being and health of everyone, even behind bars.
Because inmates tend to neglect their health.

“When they arrive here, there is often no medical follow-up outside. Their life stories make it not a priority to take care of yourself.”, analyze Safia and Anne-Marie, the two nurses from the health unit.
Lack of knowledge, neglect in taking charge … habits that nurses try to change, in particular by bringing in twice a year a gynecologist who examines inmates who wish to do so.

The Limoges remand center is taking advantage of Pink October, the month in the fight against seil cancer prevention, to raise awareness about screening.
In total, about fifteen workshops are offered to inmates, led by a midwife from the Mother-Child Hospital, by the League against cancer, but also, for example, with a socio-esthetician.

Work on self-esteem, well-being, to encourage them to take better care of themselves.
Violette, 34, is one of the convinced. In 2017, while she was detained at Draguignan remand center, she had a mammogram after spotting a small anomaly. The examination did not reveal anything abnormal. “It’s very important to get tested. We are lucky in France to be able to seek treatment. We must not be afraid, we must go. Fear does not cure disease”.

The workshops will continue at the Limoges remand center until the end of October.

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