Preventive prison for subject accused of kidnapping his former partner and his son in Cartagena

In preventive prison this Sunday a 33-year-old man was accused of kidnapping his ex-partner and also his son in the Cartagena commune Valparaíso region.

The woman denounced that she was kidnapped for three days together with her son – only three years old – by this man, sexually abused the time she was in captivity and also a victim of jewelry theft by the same subject, all this at the address where they lived on La Marina street.

Carabineros indicated that the affected party came to make the complaints with obvious injuries to your left eye, accompanied by the minor than he also had visible wounds on his face.

The complaint detailed that the kidnapper he repeatedly sexually abused her in the presence of the minor and attacked them with a tree. In order to escape, the woman gave him her gold rings so that he could pawn them and raise money.

With the information provided by the victim, the Carabineros carried out procedures to find the whereabouts of this person and detained him He pawned the allegedly stolen objects.

“During the afternoon of yesterday (Saturday) they received a complaint from a woman who, along with her son, were kidnapped by her partner. After helping the victim and thanks to the information provided by this it was possible to quickly identify and detain the aggressor who will go to control of detention and formalization during this day “, detailed the captain Sergio Andrade of the San Antonio Prefecture.

This 33-year-old subject at the time of being learned threatened police personnel with death. In addition, it was possible to identify that he maintains previous arrests precisely for crimes of aggression in the context of family violence.

The defendant went to detention control during this day at the San Antonio Guarantee Court.


For its part, from the National Service for Women and Gender Equity (SernamEG) They condemned this and announced that they would provide all necessary help to both the woman and her child.

“We are shocked that a woman experiences this level of violence and for the same reason, as soon as we become aware of it, we activate the support network and we hope to have contact with her in the next few hours to begin all the comprehensive, legal, psychological and social support for both herself and her son, “she said. Carolina Plaza, director of SernamEG.

“We hope that the maximum rigor of the law falls for the aggressor responsible for these despicable and brutal acts. My solidarity with the surviving woman and the minor “, emphasized the seremi de la Mujer de Valparaíso, Valentina Tin.

“The SernamEG of the Valparaíso Region has already made contact with the victim’s family so that, once they are discharged from the health system, make available to women all the psychosocial and legal care that these devices contemplate”, detailed.

  • If you are a victim or witness of domestic violence, contact the following numbers: 1455 (Help and guidance phone for violence against women :); 149 (Fono Familia de Carabineros); 134 (PDI); 600 400 0101 (Secure Denunciation Phone); or send a message to WhatsApp Woman: +569 9700 7000.


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