preview of today’s chapter, with injured participant and tears

In the recording, several participants of the ‘Superhumans’ contest are seen crying, between them ‘Valkyiria’ (who took offense to ‘Tarzan’)‘Criollo’ and Karol, from Beta, and Karina and ‘Dani’, from Alpha.

What’s more, a statement is also heard in which ‘Valkyria’ assures: “We are all very shocked”, and another from ‘Dani’ expressing, while crying: “I have a lump in my throat”.

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Additionally, Juan Pablo, one of the Alpha sentenced, is seen worried; and the main presenter, Andrea Serna, is heard saying:

“As everyone saw it, he left the red box in the company of the medical team of the ‘Challenge‘. When we have a diagnosis I will let you know.”

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Which participant leaves the ‘Challenge’in ambulance, today

The advance does not confirm it and leaves the doubt, because although it shows the already mentioned competitors, it does not show the faces of the rest of the members of the purple and blue teams.

‘Tarzán’, ‘Ceta’, ‘Alexa’, ‘Maleja’, Samir and Duván (who is sentenced) are the faces that do not appear in the preview, so those who have seen the video believe that the “injured” is one of them; Moreover, a part is inclined because he is one of the men and there are even those who fear that he is the captain of Alpha or the captain of Beta.

This is the video with preview of what will happen in today’s chapter of ‘The Box Challenge’; in the ‘post’ they assure: “An injured person will come out of the red box”, the box chosen for the ‘Challenge of sentencing, reward and punishment’.

Who returns to ‘The Box Challenge’, from Snailif the participant is “injured”

In this hypothetical situation, the former contestant who returns to ‘Challenge’ 2022 would enter the team that suffers the possible loss.

  • In the event that the contestant transferred by ambulance cannot return to the Caracol TV reality show, Moses would return, if the affected is a manbecause he was the last eliminated.
  • If the affected person is a woman, the person who would return to the program is Greece, Samir’s girlfriend that was eliminated in the last cycle.

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Participants of the ‘Challenge’ 2022 who have left due to injury

This is one of the most eventful versions of the ‘Superhumans’ contest and among those who have had to leave the program due to blows and fractures are:

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