Preview: Orlando-1 with Ken Roczen (Honda) / Supercross World Championship

Next weekend the Supercross World Championship in Orlando is going into its 7th round. For world championship leader Ken Roczen (Honda) the races in Florida are home games. He starts with a lead of 16 points.

WM-Leader Ken Roczen (Honda) starts on Saturday night in Orlando (Florida) with a point advantage of 16 points in round 7 of the Supercross-WM. For the German superstar, the Orlando race is almost a home game because of his hometown Clermont Orlando is only 30 miles (30 miles) away. Defending champion Eli Tomato is already 24 points behind as a result of his crash in Indianapolis-3 Roczen. GASGAS factory drivers too Justin Weather in Barcia fell back to 5th place in the World Championship due to a collision with the lapped Vince Friese after the last World Championship round in Indianapolis

Red Bull KTM Factory driver Cooper Webb should also be in Orlando Roczens strongest adversary. He has shown several times this season that he keeps getting better at the end of the race. He will do everything in Orlando Roczen leaving behind to his residue to make up forbecause neither for him nor for Tomato the World Cup is lost because the half-time of the season has not yet been reached. Webbs Problems lie in the start-up phase. He wanted to eradicate this with a targeted training program.

World Cup status after round 6 of 17:

1. Ken Roczen (D), Honda, 138
2. Cooper Webb (USA), KTM, 122, (-16)
3. Eli Tomato (USA), Kawasaki, 114, (-24)
4. Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki, 105, (-33)
5. Justin Weather in Barcia (USA), GASGAS, 96, (-42)
6. Dylan Ferrandis (F), Yamaha, 96, (-42)

The East Coast Championship of Lites class is already on the home straight in Orlando, because after the 7th run there will be a break until the beginning of May when Salt Lake City 2 the final will be held. With Michael Mosiman (GASGAS, broken hand), Austin Forkner (Kawasaki, broken collarbone), RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna, Wrist) and Max Vohland (KTM, Hip) many hopeful protagonists have already turned out injured. The championship will very likely be between the two Yamaha-Pilot Colt Nichols and Christian Craig decided. Already Shimoda finished the final in Indianapolis last week in second place with his best career result. However, the Japanese is already 24 points behind the leaders.

Championship status after round 6:
1. Colt Nichols, 143
2. Christian Craig, 137, (-6)
3. Already Shimoda, 119, (-24)
4. Jet Lawrence, 102, (-41)
5. Michael Mosiman, 97, (-46)

This is how you can follow the races live:
Livetiming (free)
Livestream (Season pass for 129, – US$)

Time schedule (HONEY): 6th run to Supercross-WM Orlando-1
Saturday February 13th 2021

19:50 – 23:15: qualifying

Sunday February 14th 2021
Prelims 250SX:

01:36: 250SX Forward 1 (6 Min. + 1 lap)
01:50: 250SX Forward 2 (6 Min. + 1 lap)

Prelims 450SX:
02:04: 450SX Forward 1 (6 Min. + 1 lap)
02:18: 450SX Forward 2 (6 Min. + 1 lap)

Last Chance Qualifying (LCQ):
02:41: 250SX LCQ (5 Min. + 1 lap)
02:51: 450SX LCQ (5 Min. + 1 lap)

03:21: 250SX Main Event (15 Min. + 1 lap)
04:00: 450SX Main Event (20 Min. + 1 lap) ´


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