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Preview Suns – Warriors: a superclash at the top between the two best teams in the League

While the citizens of Arizona are usually more used to sandstorms, tonight a tsunami could come and put the box on the town. His origin ? The clash between the two hottest earthquake plates in the country: the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. Do not look, the NBA can not offer us a better duel than this shock. The two best teams, two crazy attacks, incandescent players… We go around, we sort it out!

First time that two teams with at least 85% of victories and 7 consecutive successes face each other, it was well worth a small preview!

History is a cycle that repeats itself and the Warriors won’t tell you the opposite. After dominating the Big League, Chef Curry’s pals have had the last two complicated seasons following the departure of the snake and the injuries of you know who. But there you go, this year Steph is glowing, Draymond Green is once again your favorite villain of your favorite villain, Andrew Wiggins plays basketball and the role players like Jordan Poole and Gary Payton II do an amazing job. Shopping result, Golden State is the best team in the League with 18 wins and 2 losses. Just behind them we find … the Suns, how strange. A Phoenix team that has not lost a single game since October 28 against Sacramento. Yes, this sentence is completely lunar.

The children of Chris Paul therefore have a record of 17 wins for 3 losses and remain on a crazy streak of sixteen straight wins. Draymond Green grumbles at us that his Warriors are at seven, including a last in recital mode in Los Angeles, and that they intend to eat cactus to go to eight. Obviously, tonight there will be a loser but very clever – so not Draymond Green – who can say which army will see its streak come to an end. In the front ranks of the two squads there are some very shining warlords. See for yourself, with Stephen Curry on one side and his 28.6 pawns, 5.8 rebounds and 6.8 assists. And on the other, Devin Booker and his 23.9 points average with a bonus of 5.1 rebounds and 4.7 assists. The Phoenix Golden Boy draws on the timeless in person on Post 1: Chris Paul. At 36, the guy does not flinch and is still as strong: 14.5 points, 4.1 rebounds and 10.1 assists on average, which makes him the best passer in the League. Benjamin Button or Chris Paul, call him what you want but the King’s mate is still there. Tonight, wouldn’t it be the opportunity to see the two best leaders in the League in action?

Now is the time to please statistics fans and those who like to fart in public: the Suns are the fourth offense in the NBA with 112.6 points scored while the Warriors are the second offensive armada in the country (114 pawns per match). Two fire attacks that will collide with … two iron defenses. The little guys from the Bay are the best at it (100.4 points conceded), while the Cactus squat the eighth seat in this area (105 points). Not much space on either side, but we know that Devin Booker and Steph Curry will take out the flamethrowers to make room. And we can say that they are very hot right now. Over the last three games, Booker has averaged 32.3 points at 55.6% of the bar. Who just blew “Best back in the League” ? But enough of the headliners and tonight a bunch of players could play the X factors: Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Cameron Payne, Deandre Ayton… There is no point in going any further and we will gently shake hands, make a thermos of coffee and meet at 4am tonight for the fireworks display.

Everyone knows, this match is an incredible poster and it is above all a duel for first place in the Western Conference and the best record in the League. But do you know what’s the craziest? It is quite simply that we will have a double dose of Suns – Warriors with a revenge already scheduled for Saturday at 4 am.

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