Price of the dollar in Colombia today, December 3: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

The price of the dollar in Colombia for today, Saturday, December 3, 2022, is: $ 4,767.19 pesos The representative exchange rate of the market (TRM) is the amount of Colombian pesos for one United States dollar.

The TRM is calculated based on currency purchase and sale operations between financial intermediaries that trade in the Colombian exchange market.with fulfillment the same day when the currency negotiation is carried out. Currently, the Financial Superintendency of Colombia is the one that calculates and certifies the TRM on a daily basis. based on the operations registered on the immediately preceding business day. For today it is as follows:

dollar in colombia

The dollar in Colombia for yesterday’s session, Friday, December 2, ended with a closing price of $4,778, a figure that is $13 away from Thursday’s last price of $4,765. The price of the dollar fell by $47 this Friday compared to the last close of last Friday, November 25, when it ended at $4,825. According to the Set-FX interbank dollar system, the dollar in Colombia reached an average of $4,767.07.

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