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The exchange rate was trading lower this Tuesday due to the appreciation of the sun against the dollar in the local market, amid fears about the increase in coronavirus cases in the world and before a global rebound in the dollar.

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At 10:38 in the morning, the price of the dollar was trading at S / 3.6008 in the interbank market, a lower level of 0.33% compared to the S / 3.6130 at the close of Monday.

Globally, COVID-19 cases exceeded 90 million, as countries rush to get vaccines and continue with strong restrictions on the movement of people to stop the advance of new variants of the virus.

Reuters reported that the dollar index appreciated against a basket of rival currencies and extended a rally from almost three-week lows of last week, amid a rally in U.S. Treasury yields on expectations of more. fiscal stimulus with the new government of Joe Biden.

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On the other hand, in the main banks of the city, the purchase price of the dollar ranged between S / 3,535 and S / 3,595; while the sale price fluctuated between S / 3,645 and S / 3,702 in the morning.

In the streets of Lima and the exchange houses (parallel market), the exchange rate was quoted at S / 3,600 for the purchase and S / 3,625 for the sale.

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