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Lima, January 24, 2021Updated on 01/24/2021 05:01 pm

He dollar price in Peru It is trading at S / 3,635 in the interbank market, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR). In the parallel market or exchange houses of Lima, the exchange rate the purchase is priced at S / 3,620 and the sale S / 3,645.

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To try to contain the appreciation of the dollar, the BCR intervened through exchange swaps sale for S / 180 million for 6 months, at an average rate of 0.25%; for S / 221 million over 6 months, at an average rate of 0.2%; and for S / 200 million over 6 months, at an average rate of 0.25%. Likewise, it placed US $ 18 million in the spot market.

With the result of the day on Friday, the dollar scores an advance of 0.44% so far in 2021, compared to the S / 3,619 registered at the end of last year.

Three previous days, the greenback was below the price reached in 2020 due to the expectations of an economic recovery driven by COVID-19 vaccines.

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The dollar index, which measures the currency’s performance against a basket of leading currencies, rose following upbeat economic data in U.S– A spike in manufacturing activity to its highest in more than 13 years in January and a 0.7% windfall in used home sales.

The price of oro and from copperPeru’s main export metals suffered declines in the metals market due to the momentum of the US currency and doubts in demand.

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