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Lima, November 18, 2020Updated 11/18/2020 at 3:43 PM

The price of dollar In Peru, it ended on Wednesday after the political tensions in the country eased after the inauguration of Francisco Sagasti as president, to which was added the depreciation of the greenback due to encouraging news about a vaccine against COVID-19 .

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At the end of operations, the exchange rate It was quoted at S / 3,572 in the interbank market, a drop of 0.86% compared to the S / 3,603 at the end of Tuesday, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

At the beginning of the week, the US currency reached a historical maximum level of S / 3.66 amid the political turbulence that the country experienced due to the presidential vacancy of Martin Vizcarra and subsequent assumption of Manuel Merino as President of the Republic, which sparked mobilizations in various regions.

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Following Merino’s resignation, Parliament appointed Sagasti, a 76-year-old industrial engineer and researcher from the Purple Party, which reduced uncertainty in the local market and caused a sharp fall in the greenback.

With the price of this Wednesday, the dollar closes the session at its worst level in six weeks, when last October 7 it reached S / 3,572.

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At the international level, the foreign currency weakened due to the announcement of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that new data from your clinical trials of your vaccine COVID-19 confirmed the effectiveness of the product in 95%.

Last week the aforementioned company had said that its vaccine was 90% effective, which was received with euphoria by the markets, not only in the price of the pharmaceutical stock, but in other sectors, since it raised the hopes that the world can see a way out of the pandemic.

In the parallel market or exchange houses in Lima, the exchange rate was quoted at S / 3,560 for the purchase and S / 3,600 for the sale.


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