price, release date and exclusive games, what to remember from the Sony conference on 09/26?

Sony had made an appointment on September 16 for a last show before the release of the PS5. Besides its price finally unveiled and its release date now announced, other information surprised! Here is the summary of the conference.

Games, service reviewed and corrected (PS + in particular) and the big news of its date and its price … the conference PS5 was rich. November 19 promises to be very hard for XBOX, a week after the release of its console XBOX Series X / S.

PS5 release date and price:

First of all, it is these two pieces of information that must be remembered. PS5 is available November 19, 2020, despite pre-orders still kept secret. The prices are:

  • Classic PS5: 499€
  • PS5 Digital Edition (without disc drive): 399€

Beyond these prices, the peripherals cannot find prices for the moment. So, for now, we will have to believe the rumors and leaks from Carrefour and estimate them at 49,90 euros !

God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy 16, … the surprise games of the PS5 are revealed

Before specifying the long series of games shown by Sony, a title must already be mentioned. It is neither more nor less than of la suite de God of War, who teases with a tiny teaser of a logo. His name is officially given: Ragnarok !

Before him, the Japanese company mainly showed well-known games. However, the show opens with a new, in the person of Final Fantasy 17. A 4-minute trailer is shown and presents some points of the new opus without revealing too much either. The real novelty concerns its platforms since Final Fantasy 17 will be exclusive to the PS5, but will also do a tour on PC!

S’en suit Spider-Man: Miles Moraleswhich shows him some gameplay in an explosive new 8-minute trailer. We discover that sequences in civilian clothes are present (as in the first game when we played other characters) and the story becomes clearer. Events happen 1 year after the first game and stage the war that is being waged The Underground led by Le Bricoleur and a private army paid by Roxxon. Besides some new skills (invisibility, shock wave …), the combat system is the same as in the initial game and should win back the players!

Some big announcements punctuate this Showcase, especially :

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, which seems to be the very big RPG Harry Potteralready seen thanks to leaks in 2018! It was due to be presented at E3 2020 but had to resign himself to waiting a few more months, but Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy is here and will be released in 2021 !
  • Call of Duty: Cold War now broadcasts the first mission of the campaign, very explosive and a bit unreal as the technologies seem pushed for a conflict in the 1980s. Ignoring the remote-controlled car faster than a plane, we especially learn that the players PS4 will be able to try multiplayer from this Friday, September 18, 2020 for 3 whole days !
  • Deathloop, a French game, the perfect mix of gameplay from Prey (they are the same developers) and Far Cry, we remember fondly with its new release window set for the second quarter of 2021.
  • RCD 5 presents a Special Edition still discreet, but which will be available at the launch of the PS5 in digital version.
  • Oddworld Soulstorm accompanied Demon’s Soul and a new horror game in the series Five Night at Freddy’s to complete the games showcase third party.

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