Prigozhin spoke about the persecution of Povaliy

The Ukrainian performer was condemned.

Taisiya Povaliy. Photo: Global Look Press

On Victory Day, Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy performed in the Kremlin and sang in her native language. For this, they attacked her with criticism colleagues in Nezalezhnaya. Her own son disowned her publicly.

Producer Joseph Prigozhin appreciated what is happening with Taisiya Povaliy. Valeria’s husband believes that it is not right to condemn the singer, who performed on May 9th.

“Artists have a calling to sing for people. If you do not allow singing in your country, they sing where they are allowed to do it – everything is simple. The artist cannot live without a song, and he sings for people regardless of religion and nationality. Artists have a calling to sing and give people joy, ”Prigozhin said, as he thinks. “Fifth channel”.

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