Primary environmentalist: eliminated in the first round, Éric Piolle falls from the top

Eric Piolle will be largely absent from the second round of the environmental primaries. Arrived in fourth position (22.29%), less than 300 votes from Delphine Batho – a candidate who was not yet from the seraglio of EELV – the mayor of Grenoble falls from above. The one who throughout the campaign was considered the most serious rival of the favorite Yannick Jadot will not have been able to resist the spectacular breakthrough of Sandrine Rousseau, whose radical positions are nevertheless very close. “I do not envisage defeat,” said at the beginning of the week the one who was comfortably re-elected last year in the Alpine city. This Sunday, Piolle was content to say that “this primary makes the ecology grow, France is ready” without giving instructions to vote. But the rest will be done without him.

However, Eric Piolle had every reason to believe it. His widely publicized campaign for the primaries, his positioning more to the left than that of Jadot, combined with his experience as mayor, at the helm of a large city for seven years, had given him a stature and credibility capable of inspiring activists and activists. sympathizers environmentalists but also to reassure a broader national electorate. “I endorse,” he hammered, “the role of ally in today’s struggles, feminist and anti-racist struggles, youth marches for the climate and struggles social and democratic, like that of the yellow vests; Piolle, who had not “burst the screen” during the debates of the primary, saw big and aimed high …

Proof of his great ambitions, he did not hesitate, during the municipal elections, to appear alongside Anne Hidalgo, now PS presidential candidate, and to shake hands, this year as last year, with Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A way for him to draw a political and electoral strategy that he described as a “humanist arc”, ranging from disappointed macronists such as Matthieu Orphelin, who has since rallied to Yannick Jadot, to La France Insoumise…

The ace ! The former executive of private industry, of Catholic culture willingly assumed, was no match for Sandrine Rousseau, an ecofeminist, with even more divisive and controversial speeches, or even Delphine Batho, whose absolute defense of “degrowth” has, it seems, hit the mark. “Piolle wanted to combine the radicalism and the seriousness of the experience,” said an environmentalist sympathizer. But this the same time blurred his image and did not bring him luck. “

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