Prime Audiences: France 2’s telefilm in front of TF1’s medical series – M6 at 2.5 million – Arte in shape with its film at 1.3 million

Yesterday evening, TF1 broadcast a medical series entitled “Doc”. For its part, France 2 relied on the television film “Disappearing Disappearance”.

France 3 programmed a magazine: “Roots and wings”. For its part, M6 broadcast a new issue of “House for sale”, presented by Stéphane Plaza.

Worrisome disappearance
18% market share

4,233,000 viewers

Doc (x2)
17.5% market share

3,751,000 viewers

House for sale
11% market share

2,497,000 viewers

Roots and wings
8.8% market share

1,979,000 viewers

The innocents
5.5% market share

1,306,000 viewers

The great bookstore
3.8% market share

921,000 viewers

Jeff Panacloc strikes back
3.8% market share

717,000 viewers

Mission : impossible 2
2.9% market share

635,000 viewers

Criminal investigations
2.3% market share

513,000 viewers

High voltage survey
2.2% market share

487,000 viewers

Acts of Vengeance
2% market share

482,000 viewers

The secrets of Chambord castle
1.6% market share

394,000 viewers

New York, criminal section
1.6% market share

394,000 viewers

Cleaners, the household experts
1.3% market share

308,000 viewers

1% market share

249,000 viewers

Jamy’s world
0.9% market share

219,000 viewers

New Years Eve
0.8% market share

196,000 viewers

Low cost food survey
0.8% market share

184,000 viewers

My amazing family
0.3% market share

82,000 viewers

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