Prime Audiences: “Munch” on TF1 large leader at 5.1 million – The France 3 film ahead of France 2 – M6 weak

Last night in prime time, TF1 was betting on the new season of the “Munch” series. France 2 was betting on a magazine: “Envoyé Spécial”, presented by Elise Lucet.

For its part, on M6, viewers could follow an American series: “FBI”. A film was proposed on France 3: “The wing or the thigh”.

24% market share

5,126,000 viewers

Wing or thigh
12% market share

2,474,000 viewers

11.7% market share

2,335,000 viewers

6.5% market share

1,418,000 viewers

Who killed Neanderthals?
5% market share

1,067,000 viewers

TPMP: the game of love
4.4% market share

956,000 viewers

The Ducobu student
3.3% market share

629,000 viewers

I have 2 loves
2.8% market share

618,000 viewers

The 100 videos that made the whole world laugh
2.8% market share

573,000 viewers

Top Gear France
2.3% market share

502,000 viewers

Valentine’s Day
2.3% market share

444,000 viewers

Red corner
2% market share

367,000 viewers

Rizzoli & Isles: autopsy of a murder
1.6% market share

356,000 viewers

Teenagers and criminals – how did they turn?
1.6% market share

344,000 viewers

The Shanghai Job
1.4% market share

281,000 viewers

1.3% market share

272,000 viewers

Tattoo Cover: tattoo rescuers
1% market share

208,000 viewers

Extraordinary families
1.1% market share

204,000 viewers

Dad has a plan
0.7% market share

151,000 viewers

Top market share

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