Prime Audiences: The TV movie “La maladroite” on France 2, large leader at 4.3 million – “Grey’s Anatomy” on TF1 followed by M6

Yesterday evening in prime-time, TF1 broadcast the medical series “Grey’s Anatomy”. For its part, France 2 programmed the telefilm “La maladroite”.

France 3 was betting on a new number of “Pieces à conviction”. The new season of “Best Pastry Chef” continued on M6.

The clumsy
18.3% market share

4,320,000 viewers

Grey’s Anatomy (x2)
12.9% market share

2,913,000 viewers

The best pastry chef
14% market share

2,863,000 viewers

My king
5.2% market share

1,183,000 viewers

Jean-Baptiste Guégan: the incredible fate of the man with the voice of Johnny
4.1% market share

870,000 viewers

Red winter
3.7% market share

831,000 viewers

High voltage survey
3.6% market share

802,000 viewers

Ile de Ré: the bridge of all records
3.2% market share

785,000 viewers

The Spider Mask
3.4% market share

767,000 viewers

Criminal investigations
3.4% market share

743,000 viewers

Babylon A.D
2.9% market share

673,000 viewers

3.1% market share

642,000 viewers

New York, criminal section
2.5% market share

627,000 viewers

The great bookstore
2.6% market share

624,000 viewers

Foot – Nations League – Poland v Netherlands
1.5% market share

356,000 viewers

1.4% market share

339,000 viewers

1.3% market share

327,000 viewers

The Bronx Zoo
0.9% market share

210,000 viewers

With family
0.5% market share

118,000 viewers

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