“Prime Minister’s Letter on Communication Control Commission Requirements”

2023-04-21 17:53:07

The head of the executive thus confirms the commitment made the day before in the plenary session of the Chamber.

“When you wish to disseminate a communication or carry out an information campaign, it is imperative that you obtain the prior opinion of the Control Commission on this subject by means of a summary note”, recalls Alexander De Croo, in this letter that Belga was able to consult.

“If you do not request the opinion or if it turns out that a negative opinion has not been taken into account or that the conditions attached to a positive opinion have not been respected, in all or in part, the Control Commission can impose sanctions,” he warns.

The Prime Minister also recalls that a first letter dated October 22, 2020, i.e. during the first month of the Vivaldi coalition, had been sent by the President of the Chamber Eliane Tillieux.

This reminder by the Prime Minister follows the affair of the personal logos of the Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities Sarah Schlitz.

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