Prince Harry’s bad attitude towards King Carlos III that ruined the father-son relationship

The bad behavior that the Prince Harry with his father the King Charles III and that it would be the fact classified as the culprit of definitively breaking the relationship of father and son that the two had.

The son of Lady Di and the King Carlos III, decided to abandon his duties as a member of royalty in order to live with his wife Meghan Markle a quieter life and away from the pressure of British royalty, so they decided to settle in USA with their children, stepping back from their duty.

Although the reception of Meghan family was not the best and after going to USAthe relationship between Prince Harry with the King Charles III began to deteriorate due to the distances between them, and the little closeness they had in family events, which would be due to the Duchess of Sussex.

These would be some of the behaviors that were deteriorating the relationship of the two, adding that the prince constantly omitted his father’s family invitations.

The media refer as guilty to a behavior of the duke of sussex who would be the one who finally buried the father-son relationship, because in an invitation from his father to a family dinner with the queen Camila Parkerwho is not completely liked by the prince, he showed a bad behavior in view that he had to share with her, the prince decided not to introduce himself or send excuses, which finally ended the little relationship that the father and his son had.

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