Prince Philip’s funeral ends in the royal tomb of his long sleep[multiple pictures.Video](22:48)-20210417-International-Real Time News

[22:45]Prince Philip’s coffin slowly descended to the Royal Vault in St. George’s Church, and the funeral was over.

[22:08]The funeral officially begins. Prince Philip’s coffin was placed in the center of the church. Participants sat down on both sides and kept social distance.

[22:03]One minute of silence across the country. Crown Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Prince William and Prince Harry then entered St. George’s Church with their coffins and put on masks when they entered. The Queen of England had arrived at the church by private car earlier.

[21:55]The spirit transfer team arrived at St. George’s Church, and Prince Philip’s coffin was carried into the steps into the church.

[21:40]At the beginning of the spirit transfer ceremony, Prince Philip’s coffin was carried by 8 soldiers and sent to the car he participated in the designLand Rover Defender TD5 130, moved from Windsor Castle to St. George’s Church.

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