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Two weeks ago he talked himself crazy in an interview: Prince Andrew, the second oldest son of the Queen, is again under justification pressure. On BBC's Panorama program, five of the victims of US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein's criminal machinations took to the floor Monday night. The statement by Virginia Roberts Giuffre was especially eagerly awaited. She claims to have been forced to have sex with the prince as part of a minor still by Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001 and 2002.

Giuffre described in detail the encounters with Prince Andrew. With tears in her eyes she talked about meetings with the Royal in Maxwell's London townhouse and on the private island of the US billionaire on the Virgin Islands. She was forced to sex with Andrew three times. Two times as a minor 17-year-old.

Giuffre describes alleged sex with Prince Andrew

The allegations are not new. But for the first time, Giuffre repeated them with drastic words in front of the camera. She was "disgusted" by Andrew, said the American. "But I knew I had to make him happy." It had been "terrible".

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts

Prince Andrew and then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts. In the background is Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrew apparently can not remember this recording, even denies the genuineness.

The interview reasserts Prince Andrew. Although there is still evidence against statement – the 59-year-old denies the allegations and can not seem to remember to ever have met Giuffre – but an e-mail from the year 2015 burdened him heavily. Journalists of the BBC discovered the mail during research. The content suggests that Andrew was at least dimly remembering meeting Giuffre when she made her allegations public for the first time in 2015. In the mail, he wrote to his then-friend Epstein, "Let me know when we can talk, have some specific questions to discuss with you about Virginia Roberts."

Whether the evidence and allegations against Andrew are sufficient to bring him to court, should depend mainly on the testimony of Epstein's former partner and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. But this is since the alleged suicide Epstein in a New York prison cell untraceable.

Is Andrew lying or can he really not remember? These questions play a subordinate role in public perception. Even if it turns out that Andrew should be innocent, he is a prince who used to have contacts with a criminal for years, in whose houses went out and on. Was he really so naive as never to wonder where all the pretty, young (underage) playmates came from, and whether they volunteered to do what they did?

Prince Andrew is persona non grata

Andrew's reputation is already irreparably damaged. This has far-reaching consequences. By Queen Elizabeth II, the 93-year-old monarch, he was "for the time being" removed from all representative duties on behalf of the royal family. Soon he will probably lose his honorary posts in the British Army.

The queen's favorite son is persona non grata – an unwanted person. He has long since been released from his previous main jobs, such as Trade Ambassador for the United Kingdom (a position he exploits, both offensively and illegally, for his own financial gain, according to recent research by the British newspaper Daily Mail) or patronage of charitable organizations. Remunerations from taxpayers' money, which has been converted to the amount of 290.00 euros per year so far, are no longer due to his discredit.

Monarchy in danger?

At best, Andrew will lead a life outside the public funded from the Queen's private casket. But should further evidence against him emerge, the British monarchy could slip into crisis. A prince who has been dealing with dubious businessmen in exclusive New York townhouses and is involved in a scandal involving underage sex slaves – Andrew's reputation has already been damaged by the Royals.


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