Prince William, Kate Middleton in Boston, visit under high tension, a threat hangs over them

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, will travel to Boston in the United States between Wednesday November 30 and Friday December 2, on the occasion of the second edition of the ceremony, Earthshot. But their visit would be complicated by a threat.

The Earthshot Prize is awarded annually to five recipients for their contributions to environmentalism. It was first awarded in 2021 and is scheduled to run annually until 2030.

And this year, it’s taking place in Boston, Massachusetts.
This is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s first trip to the United States since 2014.

But according to a source, this visit would not be serene.
A source said: “They have to remain cautious in Boston. In this visit, there are many people who despise the English”.
And to specify this visit as an “Irish epicenter pro, SinnFein / IRA”.

“Kate and William should not go to meet the public”, slipped this source, quoted by Neue Post.

Sinn Féin is an Irish republican party, opposed to the monarchy. This party also stayed away from the ceremony in Northern Ireland during which Charles was proclaimed king. Its leader had estimated that this ceremony was ” intended for those whose political allegiance goes to the Crown “.

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