Prince William loses footing at Wimbledon during Norrie vs Goffin match (Video)

Prince William is an avid tennis fan and he can’t hide his disappointment when his favorite player loses his set. This year again, Kate Middleton and William attended the Wimbledon tournament in London. In front of the stands, the princely couple wanted to be in the front row to attend a large-scale match between the English Cameron Norrie to the Belgian David Goffin. However, according to our colleagues from Mirror, Prince William was unable to control his emotions in the face of the set lost by the English player. To the point of pronouncing an inappropriate phrase for a future king.

A reaction that amuses Internet users

Prince William probably forgot that he could be filmed by televisions around the world. “Don’t, don’t, don’t, bitch”, he dropped, at the fateful moment when Cameron Norrie lost his set against David Goffin. Very quickly, his reaction made the rounds of the internet. “William is nervous and anxious in this game. All tennis fans understand his reaction“, “We are all a little William in this game“, can we read on Twitter. He would surely have preferred to be alone at home to watch his match quietly …

“No, no, no, pu***n”, he would have dropped, when Cameron Norrie lost his set against David Goffin.

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