Prince William Restui Investigations of Diana’s Interview

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Prince William and Prince Harry warmly welcomes plans to investigate their late mother’s controversial interview, Princess Diana. The interview took place between Diana and BBC journalist Martin Bashir on the Panorama program in 1995.

The interview had caused a stir in the British empire and the public, because Diana revealed her domestic conflict with Prince Charles. Diana also spoke out loud about her past struggles with depression and bullying, and she shared her frustrations with life in the palace and the media spotlight.

The video interview, which has been watched by tens of millions of Britons, is currently going through an investigation under the command of former senior UK Supreme Court judge Lord Dyson. Dyson was chosen because he was considered a prominent figure and respected by British citizens.

“An independent investigation is an appropriate endeavor,” William said in a statement from the Kensington Palace USA Today, Sunday (22/11).

According to William, these efforts will help find the truth behind the action.

Quoted from AmongAccording to reliable sources, Prince Harry, who is now living in the United States, agrees with the blessing of his brother, Prince William, and continues to receive regular information regarding the investigation.

This investigation effort resurfaced after Princess Diana’s younger brother, Charles Spencer or Earl Spencer accused Martin Bashir of cheating in an interview he conducted with Princess Diana 25 years ago. Bashir, continued Spencer, was suspected of having incited Diana to open her voice so that Bashir could find out these personal stories.

Bashier alleged that Spencer had asked a graphic designer to make a fake bank statement in order to force members of the royals to speak on camera.

Previously, the interview conducted in 1995 was back in the spotlight some time ago. Many media have reviewed Diana’s words and added them to the information of some of her close relatives. One of the most discussed is the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles – who is currently the wife of Prince Charles.

Not only that, Princess Diana also publicly confirmed her affair for five years with her ex-boyfriend, James Hewitt.

“There are three people in this marriage. Surely it feels so tight,” said Princess Diana at the time.

Responding to the findings, BBC Director General Tim Davie said that his party would support and participate in investigating Spencer’s claim. The BBC investigation will focus on five questions about how Bashir got interviews with Princess Diana, including payments to members of the British Royal family.

“The BBC takes this very seriously and we want to tell the truth,” said Davie.

Meanwhile, until now Bashir has not commented on the allegations, and the BBC said Bashir is currently on sick leave, recovering from heart surgery and complications because Bashir, said the BBC, was recorded as having been infected with Covid-19.



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