Princess Anne: This documentary appears on her 70th birthday

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For the 70th birthday of Princess Anne on August 15, a documentary is published about the life of Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter (94), wie “Variety” reported. In “Princess Royal: Anne at 70” viewers can see interviews with Princess Anne, her husband Timothy Laurence (65) and their children Zara Tindall (39) and Peter Phillips (42). Nicolas Kent (75), creative director of the Oxford Films studio that produced the documentary, finds the project “fascinating, especially in such an eventful and meaningful year.”

The ups and downs of her life

The film, commissioned by the British broadcaster ITV, was produced for a year, directed by Ian Denyer (“The Spice Girls in America”). In addition to her family, companions will also be seen in the interviews to report on Anne’s life. Her sporting success as a rider and the failed attempt to kidnap from 1974 should be discussed. Oxford Films has produced numerous documentaries on the British crown, including “Our Queen at 90”, “Diana: Our Mother” and “Queen of the World”.


Princess Anne: This documentary appears on her 70th birthday

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