Princess Diana: BBC wants to investigate legendary interview

Princess Diana
BBC wants to investigate legendary interview

Princess Diana at an awards show.

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Another investigation is being opened into the 1995 interview between Princess Diana and BBC journalist Martin Bashir.

The famous interview that Princess Diana (1961-1997) gave the BBC journalist Martin Bashir (57) in 1995 was then considered the “Scoop of the Century”. But recently there was again criticism of the interview, in which the Princess of Wales spoke about her then husband Prince Charles (72), her bulimia, her affair with James Hewitt (62) and her rival Camilla Parker Bowles (73) would have. The British broadcaster BBC has now announced an investigation that will bring the “truth” to light. Die “New York Times” first reported about a week ago that a corresponding investigation is planned.

“The BBC is determined to find out the truth about these events,” said BBC boss Tim Davie (53) in a message from the sender. Therefore, Lord John Dyson (77), a former Supreme Court Justice, has been appointed to “conduct the independent investigation”. Previously, a new documentary by the British broadcaster ITV had again raised the allegation that Bashir had got the princess to the conversation with the help of forged documents alone.

Forged documents play a central role

In the two-part documentary, Matt Wiessler, the graphic designer at the time for the BBC, who was also involved in the matter, has his say for the first time. Accordingly, Bashir had asked him to “create” bank statements. These were supposed to suggest that employees of the royal family had sold stories about Diana and arranged for her to be observed – and acted as leverage on Princess Diana. Wiessler allegedly did not know anything about this – he claims he was told that the falsified bank statements would only be used as props.

Before the documentary was broadcast, Charles Spencer (56), Lady Dis’s younger brother, once again requested in a letter to BBC boss Davie that a “comprehensive investigation” be initiated. Excerpts from the letter had published the “Daily Mail”. According to Spencer, the forged documents were the only reason he introduced Bashir to his sister. In addition, in a meeting before the interview, the journalist made a number of false claims about various senior royals in order to gain Spencer’s trust and gain access to his sister.

The first investigation could not find any wrongdoing

The incident had already been investigated in 1996. Bashir was acquitted of any wrongdoing at the time for failing to use the forged documents in the interview. The investigation at that time is also to be put to the test now. The journalist himself is currently unable to comment on the matter for health reasons. According to the broadcaster, he is recovering from heart surgery and complications related to Covid-19.


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