Princess Diana’s Sweet Moment & An Affair in Front of Prince William


Lots of moments together Princess Diana and his mistress, Major James Hewitt, who was caught on camera and circulated to the public. One of them was when they were with the Princess of Wales’s eldest son, Prince William.

Initially, Princess Diana and Major Hewitt’s affair was revealed through books Princess in Love, which was released in 1994. In Anna Pasternak’s book, Major Hewitt confessed to having had an affair with Princess Diana from 1986 to 1991.

In fact, Princess Diana was still the wife of Prince Charles, Mother. Meanwhile, Major Hewitt is still active as a member of the British Royal Cavalry. He was also assigned to train Princess Diana on horse riding.

In his writing on Daily MailPasternak also revealed how Major Hewitt felt when he first broke into Princess Diana’s room at Kensington Palace. Hmmm, how dare you? Does Prince Charles know?

“He (Major Hewitt) is finally relieved, at least Charles and Diana have separate bedrooms,” he said.

Pasternak was surprised because James Hewitt and Prince Charles know each other. Hewitt even admits that he admires Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son and it turns out that they often practice polo together.

No wonder that their moments of togetherness are widely circulated in the public. Not only James Hewitt and Prince Charles in one frame, but with Princess Diana as well, Mother.

What was unexpected, there was one sweet moment for Princess Diana and Major Hewitt after the polo match. At that moment, there was Prince William before them. Wow, how did Prince Harry’s brother react when he saw him?

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