Princess Madeleine: Emotional words after Florida hurricane

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29. September 2022

Concern for Princess Madeleine and family: severe storm in Florida

Is Princess Madeleine, 40, in danger? Hurricane Ian, which raged across Cuba earlier this week, has caused serious damage in Florida, the adopted home of the Swedish princess and her family. Evacuations and warnings were announced as early as September 26, 2022, and on Wednesday morning, September 28, the National Weather Service declared that “Ian” had reached magnitude 4 and issued a storm warning for all of South Florida. A few hours later, Florida experienced one of the strongest storms in its history.

News that should also worry the Swedish royal family. When asked by “Expressen”, the palace now explains: “Princess Madeleine and the family follow the news and information there just like everyone else,” says Margareta Thorgren, chief of information at the court. Now the princess herself is commenting on the shocking events. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Ian,” she said on her official Instagram account. And further: “Please join me and make your contribution by supporting one of the many charities that are helping those in need. I also thank the many volunteers and army reservists who have already started the reconstruction.”

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Princess Märtha Louise: Durek’s complaint rejected by the press committee

She should actually be on cloud nine with her fiancé, but now Princess Märtha Louise, 51, has to comfort the shaman Durek Verrett, 47. The American filed a complaint against a popular Scandinavian magazine in June 2022. The Norwegian edition of the magazine “Se og Hør” with an article about his state of health from December 17, 2021 violated the national press code on several points, he said before the Norwegian press association Pressens Faglige Utvalg [PFU; wörtlich: “Pressefachausschuss”, Anmerkung der Redaktion] an.

The report entitled “Revealed: Durek is seriously ill” read, among other things, that “To the knowledge of ‘Se og Hør’, Verrett has a serious kidney disease and needs dialysis treatment three to five days a week.” According to the shaman, essential points of the press code such as consideration, factual content, respect and respect for privacy have been violated. On September 28, 2022, Verrett’s complaint was addressed during a PFU meeting. It was already clear in the morning that “Se og Hør” had not violated the Norwegian Press Code by mentioning Durek Verrett’s state of health. “He himself sought attention for it, he makes a living from it and operates commercially, also towards groups in need of protection,” argued PFU boss Anne Weider Aasen. “That’s what I believe legitimizes the release of this information.”

28. September 2022

Prince Albert appears in Nice without Charlène

Prince Albert, 64, traveled to the French Riviera to honor his late mother Grace Kelly, †52. A special screening of the film La Main au collet, starring Monaco’s former Princess, was shown at the “Cinematheque de Nice” on September 27, 2022. An event as part of the celebrations surrounding the 40th anniversary of Grace Kelly’s death, which Albert could of course miss. His wife, Princess Charlène, 44, did not accompany him on this emotional evening.

Prince Albert at the screening of the film “La Main au collet” at the “Cinematheque de Nice” in Nice on September 27, 2022.

© VALERY HACHE/AFP / Getty Images

King Felipe spotted visiting a private restaurant

Unlike other royal families, King Felipe, 54, and Queen Letizia, 50, do not have an Instagram account – insights into their royal life are extremely rare. It is all the more surprising that a private recording of Felipe has now appeared.

The King of Spain reserved a table for 55 people at the “Puerta Real” restaurant on September 24, wanting to spend a pleasant evening with his former classmates from the Naval School. However, the owner of the restaurant did not know until ten minutes before Felipe’s arrival that the monarch was behind the reservation. “When the first people arrived, they told me that the king of Spain was coming and I thought they were joking,” Tasio Benito, owner of the restaurant, told local newspaper Diario de Burgos. Arriving at the bar, Felipe was greeted with applause and shouts of “Long live the king!” The regent was apparently so pleased that he also became one rare snapshot with the staff was persuaded and signed the restaurant’s golden book.

27. September 2022

Princess Mette-Marit cancels appointment

Take care of Princess Mette-Marit! The 49-year-old had to cut short her visit to the 10th anniversary celebrations at the Red Cross Women’s Center Stella in Oslo on Tuesday September 27, 2022 due to side effects from the medication she is taking for her pulmonary fibrosis. The Royal Palace writes in a statement to the Norwegian news agency NTB.

Princess Mette-Marit is the patron of the Norwegian Red Cross. Despite her health problems, however, she managed to meet several employees as agreed before she had to call off her visit.

Princess Mette-Marit

Princess Mette-Marit at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Red Cross Women’s Center Stella in Oslo, Norway, on September 27, 2022.

© Dana Press

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia send autumn greetings

Prince Carl Philip, 43, and Princess Sofia, 37, usually use their Instagram channel for official purposes. There they share pictures of appointments and public appearances or celebrations. Private recordings can only be found here for birthdays. The Swedish royals now surprise their followers all the more with a personal greeting.

In their Instagram story, Sofia and Carl Philip share a photo showing colorful trees on the banks of a river. “Wonderful autumn,” writes the couple and puts emojis of autumn leaves behind them. Seems like the parents of three are enjoying the golden autumn to the fullest while taking their children for a walk.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia send autumn greetings in their Instagram story.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia send autumn greetings in their Instagram story.


26. September 2022

Princess Estelle + Prince Oscar: Cautious words from the court about their autumn break

From October 31st to November 6th, 2022, Sweden’s school children have autumn holidays. The royal minis can also relax a bit during this time and certainly look forward to one or the other trip – or even a short vacation – with their parents. But what exactly did Princess Victoria, 45, Prince Daniel, 49, and Co. plan for their offspring? The Swedish palace does not really want to comment on this. “Like all children who go to school in Sweden, the royal children also have autumn holidays. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on how the autumn holidays and other holidays are spent, as these are private,” said Margareta Throgren, the court’s information manager, when asked by the Illustrated “Hänt”.

Before the holidays, however, there is one particularly important date in the calendar for the Swedish royal family: the opening of parliament on September 27th. In 2021, King Carl Gustaf, 76, Queen Silvia, 78, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were present, and this year Prince Carl Philip, 43, and Princess Sofia, 37, are also expected. Princess Madeleine, 40, will not travel from the United States for the appointment.

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