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Many projects in Hong Kong have been controversial over the years. It is by no means a sentence that the opposition politicizes people’s livelihood events. The government is able to shirk its responsibilities, hide its ears and steal the bell, and push the big white elephant. Almost one-sided negative reviews, absolutely breathtaking.

It is said that “poverty limits my imagination.” In addition to the sky-high music fountain, there have been a series of controversial projects that have consumed a lot of public money over the years, such as Lamma Island bicycle parking lot of 24.8 million yuan, Wan Chai Benlong Huirui sculpture 3 million yuan , Wong Tai Sin Kai Tak River Observation Deck 1.8 million yuan, Sham Tseng Goose-shaped sculpture cost 1.27 million yuan, Kwai Fong “Ancient Tomb” artwork 850,000 yuan, Quarry Bay “Cannot Avoid Rain Pavilion” 210,000 yuan, Tuen Mun ” The 200,000-yuan building of the “Mountain Tomb” is indeed fresh, and the 1.7-billion-yuan flyover that “has no timetable” has not yet been taken into account.

There is a lot of room for imagination of this fund. Even if it is not used for investment, it can be used for social welfare and support the disadvantaged groups. However, the most vindictive power holders tend to go against public opinion and use them to build white elephants. Haakon Gjerløw, a political science graduate student at the University of Oslo, Norway And professor Carl Henrik Knutsen once published an academic article, comparing with democratic countries, he pointed out that some autocratic countries often like to engage in the “Big White Elephant Project.”

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Behind the purpose of the construction, one is to show off vanity, the second is to transfer benefits through the project, and the third is to show the ability to domestic and foreign competitors, just like the French King Louis XIV built the Palace of Versailles to France. Excessive taxes and waste of resources on large white elephant buildings are the last symbol of French aristocracy and royal power before the French Revolution.

But back to Hong Kong, the most ironic thing is that this big white elephant is not so prominent. It looks like a joke, which makes the common people feel that it is laboring for the people and money. The meat is so sour that even Lansi dare not play it, but only diverts attention to KOL East. Rise.

In fact, since ancient times, humans have also liked to worship totems. Almost all nations and countries in the world have their own national totems, such as Chinese dragon, Japanese cherry blossom, Korean hibiscus, Mongolian wolf and white deer, Malaysian Malay tiger, etc. , There are still some beliefs or logic to support. Unfortunately, in Hong Kong today, the government still lacks the ability to tell stories. It cannot achieve the political goal of an authoritarian country to build a “white elephant”, nor can it achieve the democratic country’s good use of public finances. The result of a good economy and people’s livelihood is that people are not left and right, and they continue to be the international laughingstock.



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