Prior Design presents a completely new Dacia Duster

Prior Design is a German preparer who has us used to modifications of high-end and sports cars, that is why his latest proposal has caused a great surprise and expectation given the basis that has been used. Indeed we are facing a Dacia Duster whose body has been modified with the result you see in the images.

More radical image

As is the norm of this German specialist, the fiber is now the protagonist. The Duster’s body has been widened thanks to the new fiber additives. Both the front, the rear and the sides change to give the Duster a much more radical image.

Prior Design

Other components included in this proposal presented by Prior Design such as the Dacia Duster Widebody Concept include more inch wheels that allow mounting wider tires. To adapt them to the new bodywork, it was necessary to carry out some oversized wheel arches. At the rear, the two exhaust outlets and a small upper spoiler stand out.

It must be remembered that the Dacia Duster is one of the best-selling SUVs in Europe and Spain thanks to its excellent value for money.

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At the moment we are facing a concept that has been presented on the official Facebook page of this German coach and has caused quite a sensation, given the change of registration of the coach. Will it finally become another Prior Design proposal or will it remain a mere design exercise?

dacia duster prior design

Prior Design

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