Priscilla Betti publicly threatened with rape: her fans and star friends are in shock (photo)

Priscilla Betti’s career took off in the 2000s, when her generation sang and danced on “Look at me “or again Tchouk tchouk musik”. She later played the role of Tina Ravel in the series “Sing! “

At that time, social networks were much less important than today. But since his return to the musical “Flashdance” and its participation in “Dance with the stars”, the artist has to deal with more direct messages from his fans … or from his detractors.

An Instagram account that calls for rape

Recently, Priscilla Betti discovered with horror the creation of an account whose name shivers down your spine: “Who wants to rape Priscilla”.

The 31-year-old spoke calmly on her social media. “‘Who wants to rape Priscilla?’ You. A priori. And your 18 subscribers too “, she wrote next to a screenshot of the account, which has since been deleted. “You who, by coming to comment on my photo, publicly assume that you want to rape me. You who by your agreed act trivialize rape. Rape. The one who destroys so many people, so many bodies, so many souls, so many smiles. So many lives. You who trivialize violence and claim it. You who trivialize hatred and incite it. “ To conclude his message, the artist shares a quote from Bernard Werber: “The important thing is not to convince, but to give food for thought”.

The stars who discovered this account at the same time as the subscribers of Priscilla were also in shock before giving her their support.

“But is it serious ???”, launches Julie Zenatti, while Laurent Ournac is worried: “The level of social networks and its excesses must really worry us and we must systematically report this kind of behavior!”

“But what is this horror?”

Aurélie Konaté, former Star Academy candidate, adds: “But what is this horror? People are nuts !!
I send you kisses my Prissou “. For his part, Chris Marques was content to send him three angry smileys.

Italian singer Mikelangelo Loconte, meanwhile, has violated the rules of censorship in force on social media: “Too bad, The networks which punctually censor the body of the woman and which allow this form of direct insult and profiles which can actually hurt or offended … we are supposed to live in a Justice made by algorithms. ‘kiss, sorry to see you put up with this! “

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