Priscilla Presley turns 75: her life at the side of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Updated May 24, 2020, 12:52 p.m.

Priscilla Presley became famous as the wife of the music legend Elvis Presley. For a long time, the “King” and his wife were considered to be dream couples. But as beautiful as their relationship started – it ended in divorce. On the occasion of Priscilla’s 75th birthday on May 24, we look back at the story of her love. © spot on news

It started in 1959 in Bad Nauheim in Hesse. Elvis and Priscilla met at that time at a party on Goethestrasse. It was love at first sight. At that time Priscilla was still called Beaulieu with last name. At just 14, she was ten years younger than Elvis.

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Image of Elvis Presley

Why were the two of them in Germany? Both Elvis and Priscilla’s stepfather were drafted into the army and stationed in Wiesbaden. Her father was a Canadian Army Air Force officer, and Elvis was a U.S. Army GI.

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Back in the States, Priscilla graduated from high school at a Catholic girls’ school. The New Yorker later moved to Graceland Memphis, in Elvis’ mansion (photo). Her parents had given her prior consent. The wedding should only take place after Priscilla was of legal age.

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On May 1, 1967, the time finally came: Elvis and Priscilla Presley said yes in Las Vegas at the Hotel Aladdin (today’s “Planet Hollywood” hotel). At the time she was 21 years old, Elvis 32. They were married in an intimate ceremony with only 14 guests. The couple then announced the good news at a press conference.

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Around 100 guests were present at the subsequent reception. In the meantime violin music was played and served with plenty of food. A six-tier wedding cake could not be missing.

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A little later, the couple got married a second time in the trophy room in Elvis’ mansion so that their other friends and relatives could be there. They were wearing their robes from the previous wedding. The two spent their honeymoon in Palms Springs.

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On February 1, 1968, their daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born. Like her father, she now works as a singer and songwriter. She has released three albums.

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Picture of Tom Jones, Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley

But life on the side of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll also brought its dark side for Priscilla. In 2016, she explained on the British talk show “Loose Women” that she had not had a normal childhood through early marriage. “It was difficult, especially moving to Graceland. […] I never felt like it was right for me. “

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In October 1973, the two finally divorced. Back then Priscilla wanted to find herself. “He was the love of my life. I left him because I wanted to see what the world really is and I continued to love him.”

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On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42. When he separated from Priscilla, he is said to have suffered from the first health problems. “It was so tragic,” said Priscilla in an interview with ET in 2019.

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After separating from Elvis, she opened a clothing boutique in Los Angeles where many celebrities came and went. The shop was closed a year before Elivs’ death. Priscilla then transformed her ex-husband’s estate into a museum that still attracts many tourists.

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Since 1983 Priscilla has been active as an actress again and again. For example, she played for several years on the TV show “Dallas”. In the second and third part of “The Naked Cannon” she was also seen alongside Leslie Nielsen.

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In 1987 she gave birth to her second child, Navarone Garibaldi. Priscilla had many other relationships after Elvis divorce, but she never married again.

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