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Prison Department reveals 3,684 inmates left infected with coronavirus, no more prison cases found on 8th day

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5 Dec. 2021 17:33

“The Department of Corrections” reports the situation of COVID-19 daily. No new prison epidemic outbreaks have been found for the 8th day, while 93.1 per cent of the infected have recovered.

At 12:00 p.m. on December 5, 2021, Mr. Ayut Sinthapphan, Director-General of the Department of Corrections Reveal the epidemic situation of viral infectious diseaseCovid-19 In prisons and penitentiaries (as of December 4, 2021 at 4 p.m.), 47 new cases were found (4 in red prisons and 43 in quarantine rooms for newly admitted inmates). A total of 710 people have recovered, with no deaths reported for 16 consecutive days, resulting in 3,684 infected people still in custody of the Department of Corrections (89% green, 10.8% yellow, and 0.2% red). The total number of confirmed cases was 79,911, or 93.1% of the total number of cases, 85,879, and the cumulative death was 183, accounting for 0.2% of the total.

Mr. Ayut said that today the Songkhla Women Correctional Institution has escaped from repeated outbreaks. While no new prison outbreaks were found for eight consecutive days, white prisons were increased to 127 and red prisons fell to 15. 7 prisons in the process of controlling the outbreak (5 new outbreaks, namely the Chiang Mai Women Correctional Institution Na Thawi District Prison Ratchaburi Central Prison Pak Phanang District Prison and Fang District Prison and the second epidemic in some areas is the Kanchanaburi Prison and Chiang Mai Central Prison) while there are 8 prisons in the End of the Epidemic Plan (EXIT Plan), which will gradually escape the epidemic in the next phase.

In terms of vaccine management for inmates, at present, the Department of Corrections has already vaccinated 227,987 inmates, as a booster vaccine after recovering from infection, of 51,128, which is the second dose of 202,767, which is the 3rd dose. 26,280 inmates, with 280,175 inmates who received both injections or complete doses, or 98.82% of the total number of inmates.

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