Private celebrations taboo – contact only with one person

Band countries have wrestled longer than expected. Chancellor Merkel said on Monday evening in Berlin: “We jointly determined that the October resolutions had not yet turned the trend.” But the dynamic of new infections had been broken. But the incidence of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is still “a long way off.”

Any contact that does not take place is good, said Merkel. The “absolute minimum of contacts” should be guaranteed, no more private celebrations, contact only with another permanent family. The Chancellor was also somewhat hopeful: It was a “very good sign” that there was already a second vaccine against the pandemic.

In addition, the federal and state governments want to protect particularly endangered people with cheap FFP2 masks from being infected with the corona virus, said Merkel. People over 65 and people with certain pre-existing conditions should be able to receive a total of 15 of these masks for a small personal contribution.

Söder: “Little hope that everything will be fine again at the end of November”

The Bavarian Prime Minister agreed to an extension and further tightening of the Corona measures beyond the end of the month. “I have little hope that everything will be fine again at the end of November,” said Söder. It is therefore better to “extend the measures instead of prematurely”. “In case of doubt, we have to rely on security.” The number of new infections began to stagnate, said Söder, but nevertheless emphasized: “It’s not enough yet.” The goal must be to lower the number towards 50 in order to track infection chains and a diffuse one To be able to prevent this from happening. Söder announced specific decisions for the coming week. He added that he was almost less worried about Christmas than about New Year’s Eve. “I don’t really want to imagine that really big ski holidays will take place again.”


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