Private health: If we do not limit circulation we are going to live the worst of nightmares

The panorama that they drew from the Health private it’s bleak. They manifested their concern about the sustained increase in both the contagions as of intentions Y they requested to be applied greater restrictions on circulation because “today Neuquén has a 100% occupancy.”

The Medical Director of Grupo Cmic Salud, Rodrigo Rabufetti, noted that the directors of most Neuquén clinics are very concerned about the infection rate and the hospitalization rate, given the sustained increase that has been taking place in the last 10 or 15 days.

“It is important to be able to limit circulation, if we do not limit it, we are going to live the worst nightmares, which is to tell people that there is no place or that we cannot ventilate it. Neuquén is having a particularity, Argentina itself, that there are many young and healthy people who are entering respirators, something that was not seen in Europe “Rabufetti observed, speaking to LU5.

“Being in intensive care and seeing that the north park is full and the bars open, in a way, generates some degree of dissatisfaction and is generating high rates of contagion. The more we get together the more we are going to get infected. The best example is Europe which is returning to phase zero and that the great wave of infections has passed. They are reliving the replica that is what is going to happen to us. We are in the middle of that collapse and we can no longer respond ”, reflected the Medical Director of the Cmic.

In his understanding, this month of October and much of November will present this level in the rate of infections and use of intensive care beds and stressed that “just as it is very difficult to get to intensive care, it is also difficult to get out.” In that sense, he said that the problem they are having is that patients They do not come out of the respirator quickly but that bed remains occupied for a long time.

“If the infection rate continues to be so high and the arrival of patients to the respirator continues to be high, you will find, or we already find ourselves, with the wall of those who cannot get out of the respirator or those who come out but look so bad that they cannot vacate an intensive care bed, ”Rabufetti said.

He also indicated: “Today we are in that ethical dilemma of when to remove a patient from intensive care, not just when to put it. That is undermining health personnel in the province. “

The medical director said that both the private and public sectors are working with the Ethics Committee and with Palliative Care, to provide support to the relatives of affected patients who have to deny them care because they can no longer do it.

“We are all full. Today Neuquén has a 100% occupancy. We are selecting minute by minute talking to each other to generate the possibility of having one more bed. But at this stage we are already talking with the families, we are trying to make them understand that not only is there no respirator but that many of the older patients have so many comorbidities that it would not do them any good to have them in the ICU and connected to a respirator ”, he explained.

He asked the population to stay home, not to meet, because Health’s human capital is limited. “We are not heroes, it is wrong to be classified as heroes. We have a vocation of service, which has limits because we also get sick. Many of our colleagues today are patients, they have come to be on the other side and that has been decimating the response capacity of the health system, “he said.

He highlighted the coordinated work that is done with the Ministry of Health, where given this context, the Health System is integrity, is no longer public or private. In fact, he indicated that 50% of the clinic’s intensive therapy patients correspond to the Public Health sector.

Given this rate of infections, where a portion of these patients require intensive therapy, “hoy we are starting to select, In someway, which patients will receive a ventilator and which patients are not going to receive it ”.

The professional clarified that “the most critical point is no longer talking about respirators but about how many doctors, how many nurses, how many non-medical personnel we have to be able to give that care to patients who require it.”

Rabufetti stressed that health personnel are exhausted and that concern is not only for the present but also for the future. “If we do not manage to stabilize and mitigate this, we will pay dearly for the near future consequences. All those personnel that are now being over-demanded sooner or later are going to take their toll on us, and in the worst way, it is in the health of the personnel themselves, “he warned.

He said that on Sunday night they had to tell two patients that they were not going to be able to treat them because they had no more room. “There is no place anywhere. This reality is being experienced by everyone in the province and by our colleagues from Río Negro ”, he highlighted.

“Today we are supporting it. One does not want to be pessimistic, we are going to fight so that our patients can move on, but we need everyone’s support to stop this, ”asked the professional.


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