private paediatricians volunteer to vaccinate students

According to our colleagues from Médias24, the ACPP Association (Casablancaise Association of Private Paediatricians) will take charge of two pupil vaccination centers, the Ibn Toumert high school (vaccinPfizer) and the Annasr high school (Sinopharm), which are the two centers that have the highest attendance in the city.

In addition, twelve private pediatricians volunteered to perform the vaccination act, in particular, Drs Ahmed Lahlou, Ouadiae Bennani, Mohamed Bennouna, RAchid Bennouna, Mohamed Sedjari, Mohamed Dadoune, Naïma Seraj, Mohamed Sedira, Abdellah Belgas, Taïeb Kadiri, Jalal El Oudghiri and Said Afif. For the next weekends, this system will be duplicated in all regions, through regional associations of private pediatricians and the Moroccan Pediatric Society, it is specified.

As a reminder, the vaccination operation for 12-17 year old students began on August 31, 2021. This will not be mandatory, however, the Ministry of Health has invited parents to participate in this operation which will protect both children as their families. Moreover, parents will have the choice of the vaccine. Thus, two vaccines have been approved by the national scientific committee on vaccination, namely Pfizer and Sinopharm.
This action is part of the vast vaccination operation, which will benefit public and private education students and foreign mission schools, in order to guarantee safe conditions for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. , with the resulting impact in terms of the quality of learning.


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