Private Sports Spaces of El Calafate ask to reopen

This week about twenty sports venues in the town met to ask the authorities to reopen those places. They sent a note addressed to the Governor and the Minister of Health and Environment of the province and another note to the Municipal Mayor of El Calafate.

The notes, which we publish here, state:

On the eve of the peremptory period imposed by provincial decree 1135/20 article 12, which suspends the performance of sports activities in clubs and gyms in our town until October 11 of this year, inclusive, we are writing to you.

We will soon be serving 7 months of continuous restrictions on our legitimate source of work. For this reason, we request the immediate reopening, under the corresponding protocol, of the private sports spaces in our town.

Owners of private sports spaces and physical health professionals we meet with a single goal, to be able to go back to work

Our work is not only essential for us as a means of subsistence but also for the population increasingly affected by the surrounding reality.

As promoters of physical, psychological and social health, it is our obligation to name the valuable benefits that physical activity brings to society. Movement, recreation and sports contribute to improving the quality of life achieving healthy habits, improving the immune system, also reducing the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular and psychological diseases such as stress, depression, anxiety, especially in these times where sedentary lifestyle took an important and risky place for society.

The two notes were presented this week and are 20 representatives of the sports venues of El Calafate.

Among them there are gyms, paddle and soccer fields, crossfit centers, yoga, Pilates, functional, and so on.

By Pablo Perret


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