Private travel protection is more important than ever for vacationers in Corona times

WWill it even be possible to travel to the mountains and ski this winter? This is a question that worries many before the start of the winter season. Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France – the Federal Foreign Office has declared all countries where this would be possible to be risk areas in view of the respective infection situation and warns against unnecessary tourist trips. But that doesn’t mean that a trip to the ski areas is prohibited.

Many people with an itchy thigh will not let themselves be deterred from the fun on the slopes and the new quarantine requirement of at least five days afterwards – provided that the situation does not worsen any further and the borders are closed again. In any case, anyone who wants to travel completely should take care of additional private health protection abroad. This has always been important, for example, in the event that you need to be transported back to Germany in the event of illness or an accident. Because there is now the risk of contracting Corona while on vacation, the private policy is even more important. The risk of using expensive private services and having to pay for them yourself is higher because of Corona.

It is not the case that the statutory health insurances completely abandon their insured persons abroad. Despite Corona, according to the central association GKV, the previous rules for supply in other EU countries also apply. In other words, if you break your leg while skiing in Austria or Switzerland and have to undergo an operation on the spot, your health insurance company will usually step in for you.

Always contact your own health insurance company first

An agreement of the statutory health insurance in the European Union is the basis for this. It also applies in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, among others. In these countries the European Insurance Card, Ehic for short (for “European Health Insurance Card”) is accepted. Local insured persons will find the symbol for this on the back of their health card. According to the GKV, the use of the card does not always work smoothly. Which is why a spokeswoman recommends always contacting your own health insurance company before signing an invoice abroad.

FAZ newsletter “Hauptwache”

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Basically, it is important that the treating doctor or clinic in the holiday country has a contractual relationship with the statutory insurance company, i.e. does not treat patients exclusively privately. This is exactly where the crux lies, as the spokesman for the national contact point for cross-border health care, an institution of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, makes clear. Because of Corona, the statutory clinics are heavily used. “The probability that you will be taken to a private clinic in the event of an accident is all the greater now.” As a patient, you have no influence on this. In the end, there is a risk of high private bills.


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