Prix ​​de l’Ile d’Oléron, Thursday, in Vincennes. Objective achieved for DAIDA DE VANDEL

DAIDA DE VANDEL (photo) started the Vincennes winter meeting as it had enjoyed the previous one, with a victory. The daughter of Lou’s Real was indeed awarded the Prix de l’Ile d’Oléron, this Thursday, in Vincennes.

Driven with confidence by Alexandre Abrivard, in the wake of the animators, DAIDA DE VANDEL took the best at the final half-straight to win with authority. After advancing along the rail, DAYANA BERRY quickly finished outside to secure the first runner-up in front of the constant extra WORK DIAMOND, brave third. Leading the race halfway through, despite his distance performance, the defending champion CABAN PRIOR made good countenance until the end, placing fourth.

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