Prize for the documentary about the young Dalí

The documentary Salvador Dalí. Youth Diaries. 1904-1929, produced by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and directed by David Pujol, has been awarded at the F @ IMP Festival, the Festival of Audiovisual International Multimedia Patrimony. The film has won the Gold Award in the Mid-Film category of the 2020 edition, postponed by the pandemic. Finally, the delivery could be held this Tuesday evening in hybrid format in person and online from the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.

The documentary, made by DocDoc Films, embraces from the birth of Salvador Dalí, in 1904, to 1929, when Figueres, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Paris became the geographies and scenographies of the Empordà genius.

The plot line of the documentary is based on the autobiography The secret life of Salvador Dalí. Showing profuse documentation on Dalí and his work, some unpublished, explains key aspects of the young painter: his childhood, marked by the death of his brother, the first art studies in Figueres, the stay at the Residencia de Estudiantes, in Madrid, where he met Federico García Lorca and Luis Buñuel, and a trip to Paris that allowed him to establish contacts with artists such as Miró, Picasso and the members of the surrealist group.

From numerous public and private audiovisual and photographic documents, it also describes its artistic evolution and makes it possible to identify the origin of Dalinian iconography.

The document can currently be viewed on the website, an on-demand video platform that displays audiovisual content upon payment. Concretament ofereix tres hores de documentals sobre Salvador Dalí en català, castellà, francès i anglès. The platform was created to offer a global audience the trilogy of documentaries produced by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation.


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