News Pro-Bernese from Moutier (BE) lay down their demands before...

Pro-Bernese from Moutier (BE) lay down their demands before a new vote –


On the very long list of requirements related to the organization of a vote that the Moutier Résiste association continues to consider as “possible”, two conditions are announced as non-negotiable. On the one hand, the total exclusion of the municipality of Moutier in the organization of the vote, and on the other hand, the suppression by the canton of Jura of two articles of its Constitution, which aim at the reunification of the Jura.

“For us, it is important that articles 138 and 139 be repealed before a new vote in Moutier, because they allow at any time to return to the Bernese Jura, to regain territory”, says Patrick Röthlisberger, president of Moutier Résiste.

Not a Bern requirement

However, these articles are unlikely to be repealed before the vote, as this does not seem to be a requirement of the Bernese government.

“The second vote in Moutier does not depend on these two articles. But to close the Jurassic Question definitively, a strong signal is needed from the canton and the Republic of Jura, and therefore delete from the two articles”, believes Christoph Ammann , president of the Bernese government.

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Consensus on a new vote

There is currently a consensus on the need to organize a new vote, whatever Moutier Résiste, who does not hide that she will appeal if necessary, and even before the vote if she considers the conditions too problematic.

Moutier Résiste’s chances of putting pressure on decision-makers are rather slim, since the modalities of the new vote will be decided between the two cantons and the Confederation. But Moutier Résiste claims to represent these many silent pro-Berners, and to have more than 700 members and supporters

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