pro-Trump denounce “electoral fraud” in Washington

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump, including small right-wing groups, flocked to the streets of Washington this Saturday, November 14, several days after the defeat of their presidential candidate. The goal? Support the theory of possible fraud defended by the outgoing president.

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Despite the lack of evidence of a ballot hack, confirmed by election officials, the protesters shouted “Four more years!” Four more years! ” and “USA! USA!” in front of Freedom Plaza, while waving “Trump 2020” flags and “Stop Theft” signs.

Pro-Trump criticize an “electoral theft” during a rally in Washington, this Saturday, November 14. OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP
Flags, placards, hats … The slogan “Trump 2020” is everywhere at the demonstration in Washington, this Saturday, November 14. OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP
Not all protesters wear masks in Washington this Saturday, November 14. OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP
The presidential convoy passing through the crowds in Washington, this Saturday, November 14. TOM BRENNER / REUTERS

While leaving the White House to go to the golf course, the American president, who has still not recognized his failure against Joe Biden, was able to see his supporters from his armored limousine. “Hundreds of thousands of people are showing their support in (Washington) DC. They will not accept a rigged and corrupt election! ”, he tweeted in the afternoon, obviously exaggerating the size of the crowd.

Anti-Trump rallies are also planned. The meeting between these anti-racist activists and far-right groups such as the “Proud Boys”, a figure of white supremacism in the United States, raise fears of a tense climate in the American federal capital.

Members of the “Proud Boys” gather in Washington in support of Donald Trump, this Saturday, November 14.

No masks, but caps

According to the Washington-based Black Lives Matter movement, supporters of Donald Trump would not wear masks and would take advantage of the protest to “destroy the Black Lives Matter memorial and incite violence».

Friday, November 13, pro-Trump, red caps “Make America Great Again” on the head, were already pounding the pavement in the capital in the face of anti-racist activists to contest the results of the US presidential election, according to the Washington Post .

The newspaper reports the presence this Saturday of Matt Schlapp, president of the Union of American Conservatives, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, a new elected member of the House of Representatives close to the QAnon conspiracy movement.

The outgoing president, who won only 232 voters, was delighted with this rally on Twitter. “It is heartwarming to see all of this huge support, especially these spontaneous gatherings that are flourishing across the country, including a big Saturday in (Washington) DC. I might even try to drop by to say hello“He wrote on Friday.


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